Thursday, 3 December 2009

a recent exchange(final update)

  1. By moonshiner at 10:30 pm on Dec 2, 2009 | Comment | ReplyReply directly to this specific comment if you are on a bike, it’s timed and there is a trophy it’s a race, fucking roadies… promoters are getting raped for insurance, support and ’sanctioning’… bootleg it all
  2. By Smithers at 12:00 am on Dec 3, 2009 | Comment | ReplyReply directly to this specific comment

    @moonshiner: bootleg it all

    Great idea. I look forward to your next bootleg criterium. Good luck running that past the local cops.

    Your bootleg cyclocross races are a great idea too. Bikes in parks totally pisses off local residents as it is. Having no permission from the city for your race will assure that any promoter that wants to actually promote a legit race in the park in the future will get refused due to all the ill will generated.

    Bootleg road race? Go ahead. And when the parent of some kid who crashes and gets paralyzed comes looking for someone to sue their ass off I will go ahead and POINT THEM TO YOUR FUCKING FACEBOOK PAGE PROMOTING THE NON-PERMITTED EVENT.

    Hope you have lots of personal liability insurance.

  3. By andrew rosenberg at 7:56 am on Dec 3, 2009 | Comment | ReplyReply directly to this specific comment

    all interesting points, let me see how this works: i register(read pay money) my ‘club’ with MCF so i get the privilege to promote a race, then do I pay a second fee to USAC for the sanction and insurance or not? and how much is the city/county permit? feel free to enlighten me, the ‘closed door system’ of information management surrounding these questions baffles me. believe me i have gone to the executive of MCF and met with resistance and indifference. let’s have an easy and informative session for independant promoters and we’ll talk, until the ‘the man’ stops harshing my mellow i’m goin’ to continue to promote non-permitted events/races i’m trying to get the bean counters and insurance accountants out of my race that’s all. is it any wonder that the president of MCF is in the finance industry?

update:;4 hours later
By Smithers at 12:33 pm on Dec 3, 2009 | Comment | ReplyReply directly to this specific comment

@andrew rosenberg: you really are a dumbass. you totally missed my point.

good luck, you’ll need lots of it.

i let it go on for a while after this, in the immortal words of bob dylan
let me see who is the dumbass and who is being left behind, when you go your way and i go mine

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